Find the perfect business gift: the solution to your worries

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect business gifts? We understand your concerns and are here to help you resolve this issue. At Mariposa Coffee, we understand the importance of choosing a gift that will reflect your consideration and respect for your business partner, while also strengthening your business relationship. A carefully selected business gift for your business […]


Coffee has endless different flavors and these flavors are defined in the coffee world using the "coffee cupping" method (cupp means cup in English). With it, producers and buyers around the world taste coffee to check its quality and aromas. During cupping, the coffee is evaluated according to purity, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel and aftertaste. How we taste coffee […]


Coffee roasting is one of the factors that most affects its taste. In fact, it is precisely roasting that transforms coffee beans into aromatic and delicious coffee. The most common words used to describe different levels of coffee roast are light, medium and dark roast. Light roasted coffee Light roasted coffee is light brown in color and there is no oily smell on the surface of the beans. These coffees have […]

Process methods / fermentation of raw coffee

WHAT IS COFFEE FERMENTATION? Wine has grapes, beer has hops, coffee has cherries. When growers pick coffee cherries, they have to process them, and in the coffee world, three processes are most often used for this: natural, washed and honey. In each of these methods, the bean is removed from the coffee cherry in a different way. A natural process [...]

Which coffee roaster is suitable for a restaurant?

A coffee roaster for a catering establishment must be of high quality if you want the taste of your coffee to be top notch and unforgettable when you serve it to your guests. Therefore, guests will keep coming back to your bar because they want your coffee. A premium coffee roaster is the penultimate stage on the journey from a coffee bean to a coffee lover. The last is you, the baristas and […]

The right coffee for a restaurant - how to choose it?

Coffee for a restaurant - how to choose it? This is a question that everyone faces at the beginning when they open a bar and want to offer the best to their customers. Coffee for a restaurant needs to be carefully selected because it represents the basic taste that will keep customers coming back to the restaurant. It is not only important that the barista knows coffee […]

Specialty coffee is premium coffee with a known origin and fair trade

Specialty coffee is a term for special coffee. It describes the highest quality of coffee available, usually referring to the entire supply chain. Single-origin coffee or coffee from a single farm is most often used. The term was first used in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Erna […]

Espresso coffee preparation at home or in the office - what you don't know yet

Let us entrust you with the secret of espresso coffee and its preparation at home or in the office. Espresso coffee must always be of good quality and in beans, because you have to grind it on the fly, so you also need a high-quality coffee grinder. Do not buy ground espresso coffee under any circumstances, because it is not possible because no one can grind espresso coffee […]

Turkish coffee or Ibrik and cafeteria

Turkish coffee or Ibrik and a cafeteria are your first thoughts in the morning when you are still in bed and it is a cold, snowy morning outside. You are slowly awakened by the familiar inviting and intoxicating smell of coffee. You stretch once or twice, someone made coffee for you too. How nice and attentive. Darling brings you coffee in bed, but this […]

What the price of coffee says about the quality of the coffee

What does the price of coffee say about the quality of the coffee itself and what kind of coffee do Slovenians drink?