Good coffee in the office causes well-being, creativity and efficiency at work.

Coffee is not just a black liquid; it is a source of inspiration, energy and connection between colleagues. Have you ever thought about how one cup of fragrant coffee could change the dynamics of your office? We are here to show you why "coffee in the office" should be a key component of your working day.

Sometimes we need a moment away from the stress of work. Coffee in the office can be relaxing, allowing you to take a short break, recharge and then continue with better focus and less stress.

We offer you the best types of coffee that will pamper your taste buds. Whether you're a fan of intense espressos or creamy cappuccinos, we have the right coffee for you. Our coffees are prepared with passion and care to give you an unforgettable taste every day.

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  • 2. Office equipment for preparing premium coffee

    Office coffee is more than just a drink. It is contact, inspiration and cooperation. And to really enjoy great coffee, you need top-quality equipment.

    Our automatic coffee machines are designed for ease of use. With just the push of a button, you will receive the coffee taste that you admire in the best coffee shops. No more queuing or waiting for a barista, your coffee is just a button away.

    To facilitate access to premium coffee in your office, we offer you free rental of coffee machines. With our equipment, you will increase productivity, creativity and satisfaction among employees. No hidden costs and effort - just delicious coffee that's always at hand.

The most frequently asked questions about coffee delivery

Socializing over coffee in the office encourages relaxed communication and networking between colleagues. This can improve collaboration, create better relationships, and contribute to better team dynamics. And when the coffee is freshly roasted and belongs to the specialty coffee category, it is a particularly pleasant experience.

Our offer includes different types of coffee for the office, including espresso, cappuccino, latte and others. We adapt to your wishes, and we always offer freshly roasted specialty coffee.

Maintenance of coffee machines is part of our rental service. Our technical experts regularly service the equipment to ensure smooth operation, which is especially important when it comes to preparing specialty coffee.

We offer free rental of coffee machines for offices. Contact us to help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

Free coffee machine rental means there are no additional costs for equipment rental. You only pay for the coffee you use, including freshly roasted specialty coffee.

Delivery of coffee to the office takes place easily and automatically every first week of the month according to the subscription model. In accordance with your needs and wishes, we have agreed on the amount of coffee you want to receive. Our team will then arrange for you to receive freshly roasted coffee directly to your address by post each month.

With this delivery system, you can focus on work carefree, because you will always have a supply of premium coffee available, without unnecessary worries about ordering. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we strive to provide you with an easy and reliable way to supply coffee to the office.

All orders can also be placed via email info@mariposacoffee.si

For additional information and orders, contact us by phone +386 41 299 275, email info@mariposacoffee.si or visit our website for all contact information. We will be happy to present you our coffee offer in the office, including freshly roasted specialty coffee.

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