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Mariposa training center conducts a basic course for top professional baristas. If your passion is to become an excellent creator of premium coffee, you will be able to acquire basic professional barista expertise from the best professional baristas at the Mariposa Training Center. The course consists of theoretical and practical work.

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Latte art

Latte art is a training provided by the Mariposa training center and is intended for anyone who would like to practically create beautiful patterns from milk on coffee. You will learn the art of coffee drawing from a professional with many years of practical experience and awards in the field of latte art. With the amazing patterns you will be able to create with the help of drawing with milk after coffee, you will impress your loved ones, colleagues and your guests. Do you accept the challenge? Join us.

Roasting premium coffee

Premium coffee is produced by being properly grown, hand-picked and hand-sorted and properly roasted. The method of roasting, which is a very precise task, gives the coffee its own and characteristic taste that you create yourself. This is why small roasters are being created, dedicated to roasting their own, top-quality coffee for themselves and guests. The Mariposa training center conducts a basic course for anyone who wants to become an expert in roasting premium coffee with multiple flavors. You will achieve this by knowing how to roast the coffee light or medium for the best taste. The training consists of theoretical and practical work. No prior knowledge is required.

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Cupping: Sensory

Cupping or sensory is tasting coffee. Did you know that every coffee that is carefully grown on boutique farms has its own taste? Not only that, the taste of coffee is also affected by weather, climate and season. This is why coffee from different farms around the world is so different from one another. Mariposa training center organizes a high-quality and comprehensive workshop, where you will practically taste traditional coffees and premium coffees from world-renowned boutique coffee farms. The central topic of the workshop is sensorics, where you will delve deeper into the search for exquisite flavors that various premium coffees offer.

coupping senzorika
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mariposa individualno svetovanje

Individual counseling

Individual counseling is intended for those who are engaged in the professional sale of coffee. You must have noticed the trend that the taste of users regarding the preparation of coffee is becoming more and more demanding. Customers are relentless and want the coffee they've tasted from a top barista. And rightly so, because the only way the coffee industry can continuously evolve is to look for new, innovative approaches to the ultimate coffee experience.

To offer your service at the highest level, make an appointment for an individual consultation with a professional barista with many years of experience. The members of the Mariposa training center team are constantly improving themselves in all areas of quality coffee preparation, which includes the selection of quality coffee on farms, storage, roasting, grinding and the use of various preparation techniques and decoration of the final product. A lot of effort, love and knowledge is behind a small cup of coffee that you drink with pleasure. Conquer it.